Who We Are

Imagine. . . a community of peacemakers:

  • studying and acting on the biblical vision of Shalom: peace with justice, welcoming community, wholeness . . . .
  • exploring the potential of active nonviolence, its unique, untold capacity for bringing about lasting change . . . .
  • working together to challenge violence, war and militarism . . .
  • lifting up alternatives to violence in the family, on the streets, in the media and among nations . . . .

If that vision intrigues you, you will want to connect with Lutheran Peace Fellowship! We’re a community of Lutherans across the nation, responding to the gospel call to be peacemakers and justice seekers. We work together, supporting one another on some of life’s most rewarding challenges. LPF offers a welcome array of creativity and encouragement, experience and expertise, well-crafted media and educational resources . . .

Ten (Pretty Good*) Reasons to Connect with Lutheran Peace Fellowship

(* we’re Lutherans after all)

  1. Congregation, campus, and event forums and workshops by LPF explore Biblical peacemaking, world hunger, conflict transformation, war and militarism, leadership skills, the spirituality of Shalom, etc.
  2. Over 100 LPF resources and leaders guides help congregations and members engage peace concerns – personal to global. A million people have used our lively computer activities on budget and hunger issues.
  3. LPF peace worship materials include prayers, bulletin inserts, sermons, and a 65-page resource packet. We wrote the first International Day of Prayer for Peace insert, used in 10,000 churches around the globe.
  4. Our advocacy updates, e-alerts, and blogs help members urge elected officials to act on peace and justice concerns. LPF leaders have been asked to testify before or consult with over 20 gov’t committees & agencies.
  5. Our expanded website, blog and FB page reach far beyond our members to share our many widely-appreciated education and advocacy materials, forum leaders’ guides, inspiring ‘Path of Hope’ stories of nonviolence, etc.
  6. 31 synods and the Churchwide Assembly passed LPF’s UN Decade for Peace resolution sparking countless ELCA workshops and resources. Our director served as the US delegate to UN planning meetings in India.
  7. Over 240 leadership workshops across the US including seventy intensive (e.g. weekend) trainings and college courses equip, inspire, and support Lutheran leaders to serve their congregation, college, community, church.
  8. For example, LPF’s award-winning program of workshops and mentoring for food bank and meal program volunteers strengthens their conflict skills, leadership, and understanding of the needs of today’s homeless.
  9. LPF’s mission is to bring Lutherans together to engage peace and justice concerns and to offer nonviolent options to violence, war, injustice and their causes – from global conflict and violence against women to climate change.
  10. All our efforts are grounded in the gospel call for us to practice and share the way of Jesus, the biblical vision of Shalom: of justice and active nonviolence.