Introducing LPF: vision, priorities, action. . .

  • LPF Intro, with Top Ten Reasons to Connect (pdf): Our briefest intro asks us to imagine a community of peacemakers. . . and explores some possibilities of where that might lead. (To make copies: print back- to- back and cut in half).
  • Responding to the Gospel Call to Be Peacemakers (pdf): Basic brochure on the call to Shalom, and LPF’s priorities, services, what our members say.
  • A New Vision of Peacemaking (pdf): Finding its expression in each area of our life together – worship, education, fellowship, action.
  • Advocacy Update (pdf): Current peace and justice issues for discussion and action; for a wider spectrum, check out LPF’s blog.
  • Shalom! Toward a More Effective, More Faithful Approach to Conflict and Violence: Our most popular essay/discussion-starter helps us explore a more faithful and effective approach to conflict and violence.
  • The Peace Deck: Inspirational, leadership, advocacy and discipleship insights for daily life, and for nurturing peace community and action.
  • PeacePoints: LPF group activities on Biblical Peacemaking, Just War/Just Peace, Conflict Education, The Path of Hope, Hunger, Simple Living, Peace Worship, etc. (each includes 1-2 activities, leaders’ guide, handouts, tips.)
  • Highlights of LPF Activity, 1994-2013: Concise glimpses into nearly 20 years of LPF peace education, advocacy, outreach, and coalition-building.

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