Path of Hope

St. Francis…Quakers…Harriet Tubman…FOR…Gandhi…Badshah Khan…White Rose youth… Daisy Bates… Rosa Parks…Martin Luther King, Jr… Freedom Summer…Kent State students… Oscar Romero…Rigoberta Menchu…Tiananmen Sq. students…Erik Larson…Nelson Mandela…

The Path of Hope, or Wall of Hope
The Path of Hope, or Wall of Hope

Summary: The “Path of Hope” is a graphic exhibit of more than 100 peace and justice events and movements throughout history in which everyday people have been successful in bringing about peace and social change by nonviolent means.  The display includes well-known figures like Martin Luther King, Jr. and Rosa Parks as well as lesser-known stories such as the White Rose student movement in Nazi Germany.  For many people, a good way to explore the possibilities of peace­making today is through the lives and activities and choices of inspiring peace and justice heroes like Gandhi, Dorothy Day, Nelson Mandela, and Aung San Suu Kyi, to name a few.

Timeline of events: Path of Hope TImeline (PDF)

Women’s Path of Hope (PDF) – Women-led peace and justice events and movements throughout history

Path of Hope Activities (PDF) – Path materials for adult forums, youth groups, and classes: a dozen activities, several resources, a page of photos, tips on building a Path, etc.

Path of Hope Resources and Activities (PDF)

Nonviolent Social Movements in Creating Change (PDF) – This session allows participants to expand this picture for themselves through the story of the civil rights sit-ins in 1960, and an activity that surveys the breadth and variety of social movement activity throughout history.

Spanish version:   El Sendero de la Esperanza
Eventos y movimientos a favor de la justicia y la paz a través de la historia.